Monday, December 28, 2009

Bodyguards And Assassins

Went MidValley with Serric, Amanda, Andrew, Jerick & Ramesh
Knew Serric for half of my life but this is the 1st time movie-ing with him
haiz so long ...
Both Sherlock Holmes and Alvin & the Chipmunks were sold out
So terpaksa tengok Bodyguards And Assassins
Pity Ramesh the only one don't understand mandarin
Haha xD
Somehow he understand the movie more than Serric
Serric keep talking and asking question who is who, wat is wat
real big fanshu la him -.-

I rate this 3/5 stars
They really mengamalkan nilai Cinta akan negara & Sanggup berkorban untuk negara
They all super high semangat and willing to die
Yea many peoples did died @.@
At one scene when a guy die, suddenly the gal next to me burst into tear and her friends like faster faster tisu tisu for her
Paiseh... i somehow find that scene super funny and was laughing there
lucky Amanda control me :x

Saturday, December 26, 2009


This is a late post of 22th Dec
Have been busy for Christmas & hardly have the time to blog

Have to teman Teck Yaw since flied his aeroplane many times before =X
Went Time Square and Serein came along
I think the bus driver is 1st day on the job
Somehow he don't know where T.S is and drove pass and only stop so further ahead
The most funny thing is that I was pressing the Red Button like 100 times and he didn't know to stop
serious gone case

Avatar is 5/5 star movie
For me its the Movie of The Year
Everything is perfect and i love the storyline & graphic
Transformer is good but Avatar is better
Thumbs up for James Cameron
Gonna watch 1 more time in 3D

If you like clothing more into Korean style u can check out IamFamous
Its have various girl boy korean style cloths
Bought a black cotton jacket from them and i love it (:
The shop is in Sg.Wang

fake empty present

snowman :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

6 packs

Going to use all my free time to shape up
Work out as much as possible
Most gals like a boy friend with a muscle??
Haha xD
Screw you Taylor Lautner not only u can have it
Darn, must say NO to yummy foods on Christmas :(

Somehow i still think Taylor Lautner on steroid :p

Monday, December 14, 2009


Download Zombieland
Lucky didn't watch this in cinema
Its kinda boring to me and not that good
2/5 stars
But Emma Stone is hot :)

d whole movie were these 4 person n zombies~

That's lots of foods, serious obesity problem
The Mayor lol...
Watching this really make me hungry
3/5 stars i guess =x

This is a scene from the movie Paranormal Activity
The movie about this couple sense something usual happening so they decide to record and this is what they saw
Finish download but haven't watch it yet :)
I dont know if this were true or fake since there lots of comments about it so you watch and decide for yourself

Suggest : Watch trailer first before the movie to see if u're scare

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Bye SPM season & hello Christmas season

I'm very happy SPM is finally over
Although B.C paper was an epic fail =x
Paper 2 was totally a shit
Looking at the first passage for like 30 mins and still am lost in translation
Looking at chinese word really make me sleepy
Done, that would be my last exam involving chinese :p

Christmas Season Dear
Caroling begin today with zone for 3 days
Gonna sing from house to house
I love Christmas songs (:
Gonna start my Christmas shopping tomolo
First place would be The Mines
Gonna shop till I'm penny-less

Saturday, December 12, 2009

10 months of Mimi-ness

Baby Elisha was 10 months yesterday
She can now sit on herself and stand a little
The best part is she can said papa and mama
Say byebye to her and she will wave her hand
Having her around is the totally fun ;)

Still wondering what present to buy for her for Christmas??
Perhaps buy her more MoMo pillow and toys
Haha, she really love playing new things
and looking at colourful light xD
Gonna decorate the Christmas tree and she will be delighted

Mimi in her cute dog-dog baju

she love playing random stuff ;)

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Princess And The Frog

Went Jusco to watch The Princess and The Frog
Alf & Vivian treat Stephen n i  thx guys (:
Do you believe in fairy tale?
Some fairy tales are nice and interesting
I like the storyline and the musics
The movie is also funny & a little romantic
Will be great as a couple movie :p
I would rate it 4/5 stars

Tomolo jogging with my dear youths
Bed time ;)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Happy

Its been long since I last blog
To me SPM is over although there still B.C papers left
But my mom keep pushing me and asking me to at least get a C
And she will ask me don't be like my bro who failed his chinese
(sry alf i guess we're the d same, don't gv a shit bout chinese)
Failing chinese don't mean i hate it
i enjoy speaking just hate reading them
hahaha xD
I never regret going to a chinese skul and learning mandarin
that the best option my parent make for me ;)

Although im in my holiday mood rite now yet still had to wait SPM to officially over
Cant wait for outing, party and trip with my frens
My favourite Christmas is around the corner
Gonna celebrate Christmas here this year and putting up christmas tree
I love christmas tree and what under it (:
Gonna decorate the tree ltr

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Alf's 21st Bday

Finally, got the pictures from Thomas & Nigel
Celebrated Alf's bday on the 10th
The party was awesome and glad Alf like it :p

mimi & parents

Izit she just cute?

the family

This gonna be my last post till spm is over
I so need to study

P/S : All the pictures are in facebook and im lazy ;(

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Mum

Happy Birthday Mummy
I love you so much and wish u happy forever
Going to celebrate on Sunday with family gathering

Yea, i skipped school today and plan to study but i didn't
I always wonder how i can sleep for so long
Watched Surrogates and its just fine
Its the type of movie that you can guess how its going to end and what going on
2.8/5 stars

Bruce is old~

P/S : happy Bday to Anne (wed)

Can you forgive?

i cried ;(

If someone really hurt you deeply, can you still find it in your heart to forgive that person??

My share

Joshua Bell is one of the best the best musicians in the world.
He played one of the most intricate pieces ever written with a violin worth 3.5 million dollars.

One morning he played 6 Bach piece in a subway but eventually no one pay attention nor care about him
(only few ppl k play the Bach in the world)
Everyone was so busy and they just walk pass him
In the 45 mins he collected $32
When he finished playing and silence took over, no one noticed it. No one applauded, nor was there any recognition.

Two days before his playing in the subway, Joshua Bell sold out at a theater in Boston and the seats average $100 each.

I guess peoples are too busy with their life and can't even stop a moments to look what around of them

Youth Camp

I spend my weekend in Genting via Youth Leadership Camp
Sry Tharuma i miss your Deepavali open house ya ;(
But i'll never regret attending this retreat
its just too darn good

If you ask me what i love most about this camp I would said i make lots of frens and the programs are all great (inner healing d best)
For me inner healing is when i let go all my hate&anger inside of me since long ago
Its not easy to let go but i did
The speaker are Eddy,Alvin,Tony
They're just wonderful peoples
I love Alvin's stories and his experiences of life (Alvin Teo ;p)

Too bad those who don't wan to come cause u miss out lot of fun
I glad i call Tasha cause she really make full use of it
Well done Tasha ;)
And my fren of the camp go to Aaron and Chris(mr.success)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


G.I Joe was good with bit of suspense in the end
There going to be a part two if not mistaken
Love those so advanced weapons and evil ideas =)
Thank u Mininova

Ok, this movie is so not for kids (18+)
Many unsuitable words and things for small kids
This movie was about up down of relationship
3.5/5 stars

Went to Jusco to watch G-Force since that the only movie suitable for the time
Super regret that i watch this in cinema when i just downloaded it last nite at home ;(
I personally find this movie is for kids and its not funny
i not rating tis noobish show~

Monday, October 5, 2009

Cousin Day Out

I can't recall when the last time i went out with dear Faby & Glory 
Well recall no more cause i just did today in Time Square consist of 
Faby, Glory, Vincent, Teck Yaw, me
We had our lunch in BBQ Plaza and the foods is quite good
Love the steaming style so fun ;)
Thx Vincent for the treat, get u back next time ya
Later went to Baskin Robbins to discuss the party plan wit Faby
All are planned and i'm super hoping that Saturday will be the best nite for Alf :p

Went to double check thing on Saturday
I think that Metro Inn's policy is stupid and lame
~You cannot use the speaker if you bring in a band but you can if u have a DJ~
They state that the band have no experience and would spoil the sound system whereas a DJ know how to handle, we all know DJ are good with those but what wrong with a band just using a microphone and the speaker to play their music ?? 

~They'll extra charge by doing a headcount on the people attended the party~
So they charge by counting people coming for the party?
So if 200 guests came and only 150 eat so the other 50 they are going to charge for just showing up ??

Conclusion : The policy is very stupid

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ma De

Totally piss off that some people just don' know how to grow up
Making a mountain out of a small thing

Picture this in your head
I'm sending out invitation card to you
I don't have your address so i pm you in facebook and ask you (FB famous ;p)
At the same time i ask you to come since you are a "close one" to my family
(can't go too details)
So i post the letter without your name but your family
Days later rumors saying i didn't invite u because don't have your name
At first i was shock tat "somehow" you feel u aren't invited!!
So i call u to apologize if u feel way and said u are welcome and bla bla bla
Then u told me that u can't make it cause no transport
Fine, i'm just the messenger

Then somehow just now my dad burst in my room and complaining why on earth i forgot your name and bla bla bla
Well i was watching G.I Joe so i don't really care much
(G.I Joe rock ;p)
Later i found out tat someone complain to my dad that your name was not on the card

I was kinda angry after knowing this
but after writing this and thinking it back i find it funny and how lame people can be

Listening to Korean's song to kill time
love you mom =)

Visiting Orang Asal

They don't like peoples call them as "orang asli" so they are better refer as Orang Asal
Was expecting more youths to come but only 4 turn up
Alf called me in the morning saying he got drunk with Chun Han last nite and don't feel well 
Daniel, David(new guy), Tasha & me follow Uncle John to the place 
Its in Semenyih some where near the kidmat negara there 

We clean the place and the kid was kind to join us
Hmm, those little boys are really naughty and hyperactive 
Never take out your handset cause they will keep bugging you for it
Uncle John treat us cendol & rojak 
I'm going to nap now 
(freaking tired)

P/S : Happy 21st birthday Alf ;)

Friday, October 2, 2009


At first I thought Korean song are lame but i was wrong
well some are lame
But Sum Che intro me SS501 & Super Junior and every time she would talk about them
Yea, i got influenced by her
Their song are good but i love their cloths more ;p
Korean do have style too

love the MV


Baby Mimi

The best in the baby world who i adore the most
Yea, baby world is where all the baby compete and the cutest baby win

Mimi is now 8 months and she have lot of hair and is getting cuter & cuter
She even making baby noises and want to play lot
Her baby teeth are soon growing and she love to bite things
She super fast in turning around and must always keep an eye on her
You put her down and the next thing you know she rolled somewhere else ;)

love her cow pant ;)

Sook Fun yr elephant ;D


my mom love her alot

Trials over

Im so done with my trials
Ekonomi P2 was super tough and at 1 point i don't even understand the what the question asking
(perhaps i just stupid)
Ok, let's no talk about exam anymore
what over is over, there is no turning back

Thx to PMR, 1 week holiday ahead of us to party and have fun
There lot of stuff awaiting me
The highlight would be my bro 21st bday party
I'm happy but at the same time I'm kinda nervous cause me & dear Maby will be the emcee
It sure is scary standing in front of 100++ peoples speaking
But everyone will only have their 21st bday once in their life and i of course i would do this for my brother :)

p/s: Alf in 4 years time u better be the m.c for my party :p

Thing To Do :
Youth gotong royong in Broga
Preparing for big day
Youth gathering

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where Got Ghost

Went T.S with Siew Jen,Yen Ni,Sum Che,Jerrick,Teck Yaw & Rajaie
Went by bus at 10am
Rapid KL price increase to RM2.50

Watched Where Got Ghost
Haha, totally enjoy that funny show
It's not a scary movie yet more to comedy type
Me & Rajaie is the only non Chinese in the theater ;p
4/5 stars for me

sugar free :p

Nid to save $ to get myself a Black Jacket
Somehow we all want to Sing-K but not much time since its late
Kill time in Madam Wong
Back Kajang at 9pm
Im so freaking tired

anti camera~

fair skin YenNi & Jerrick

P.S : Happy Bday dear Cyrus :)