Saturday, March 28, 2009


After mass in the evening, me and Andy went to Alamanda Putrajaya to watch Knowing
Hmm, the trailer really look interesting but the movie for me is not what I expected.
I would only give 2/5 for the movie.

It's Earth Hour and I did off all my room light and even my computer before I leave home. Surprise that I went to the cinema and see the whole place was dark and there are candles in the center with banner "Earth Hour". Sadly so much people so I can't take pictures.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Remi Gaillard

Haha, Remi Gaillard is a total crazy nut head.
He really have the balls to do all those without getting caught
5 Stars for all his videos

love his skill ><

Thursday, March 26, 2009

200 Pounds Beauty

Thank Sum Che for intro me this movie,
Didn't know that Korean movie are very nice too
3/5 star for 200 Pounds Beauty

Monday, March 23, 2009

AOHD visiting

Visited the community home at Rawang. It was a home of HIV/AIDS by AOHD. We went there by 5 cars by all youths.
We have mass together. During lunch,we serve the peoples foods and drinks and then talk to them about their life and we sang a few songs. My first visit to community home and it for my lent duty

Watch Sex Drive
Really funny show and I love it
4/5 star

P.S : Sex Drive is not for kid

Saturday, March 21, 2009

JB's trip

On Wednesday morning, I wake up around 7.30am and prepare myself. Yea, I going to Johor Bharu. I can’t wait to meet my friends there. Hmm, I would said I not scare to go alone and I guess it would be fine. In the bus, since it like 4hours++ for bus speed they got tv and they show a malay movie, kinda not bad. I use to like good malay love story. This one got a bit humor also. So my 2hours is not wasted. I reach at Larkin around 2.30pm, and wait for Qi to come fetch me. Lol, he got thing to do so I wait at McDonald for 1hours + dreaming. I’m so glad to see Qi and he 20year old and he’s very friendly. He take me to CC and we play together. Kinda cool playing with him next to me and got different feel compare to me at home and he at so far away. We play kinda long cause there nothing to do at his house and Kit not home. Around 3am Qi drive back home and Kit at home, haha, so glad to Kit a.k.a Desmond a.k.a Hao. Kit for mi ^^.

That night I sleep around 5.30am, both of us stay up late chatting and catch what we miss out. Ok, who is Kit? Kit is my friend, I was a Dota’s player early last year and Kit is my teammate, he and some other friend come down to stay and my place cause there is tournament over in KL. After a long time, only me and Kit keep in touch. Qi is Kit elder brother and they have a more sister which I know also and a form 3 brother which is so pro in Maple. We wake up around 1pm and ate lunch. Qi is much more imba than me. He not need to sleep whereas he game till don’t know what time and sleep few hours only most of the time. Hmm, I guess I come wrong time cause that Saturday Qi’s Gf’s sister wedding at Semenyih. Well, Qi need to go on Thursday and I my one whole day was Thursday. So all not well plan yet, Kit bring me to meet his friend. Kit play in a band and he intro me to 2 of his friend. Hehe, Ah Zhu really have nice white hair and is 1 year younger than me. After that we went to City Square to jalan jalan a bit. Not much time to watch movie or play bowling. Ha, they really smoke a lot and I love their parent. Kit’s dad is really cool. Thursday night after City Square we went home as Kit’s mom cook. Nice dinner and we ate together with his dad. Ha, his dad so open and play around. Imba family. I also love his house which is so nice and outside got place to sit and catch wind. Tai hao yao le. Thought of going to club at midnight but turn out all of us plus 2 more of Kit friend all went to play Dota. That night was fun. I don’t know what to said, Qi and Kit don’t give me pay for anything. They pay for CC, snack, drink and on the way back petrol I want to pay half also he no take.

The plan was Friday morning go back home with Qi. Turn out we come home at 6am and sleep till 2pm. My imba Qi come home still play and sleep for fews hours only. Kit today got band practice so he got to go first. Haiz, kinda sad to leave. Really miss chatting with Qi and Kit. They’re really friendly. In the end, me and Qi drive back Kajang at 11.30pm. Qi never sleep for so long and he so tired and I need talk to him while he drive. Lol, heavy rain during half way back. Talk talk then around 2.30am we reach already. Haiz, glad and tired to be home and really miss them and have my feeling of staying longer but I can’t. Wish Kit Qi and Devil all the best. Ah, I going to try to straight my hair when my next visit as Yi helping me out. Thank Kit for the advice of having fun and screw around when we were young which I will consider it again. ^^

17 March 2009

Tuesday is my outing to Time Square with my classmate Teck Yaw, Sum Che, Xiao Zhen, Yen Ni, Rachel and mi. Hehe, it's also my first time sitting rapid KL bus. Ya, I never sit bus before to KL cause always follow friends in car. Haiz, what wrong with wearing shirt? Guess most chinese teenagers now day like to wear "LaLa" style clothing, well I don't blame you for that but shirt and formal style is mine style. Morning we leave and reach TS around 1pm and we ate at Old Town. Eh, the Curry Chicken Rice not nice de. After that we went to jalan jalan a bit and wanted to watch movie but turn out nothing nice there. We went to play arcade a while. Lol, Xiao Zhen play the shooting game till so pro. SO hard to die and she play for so long. Tai Imba le Xiao Zhen.

After around evening, we went to Sungai Wang and walk a bit. We take some picture and later feel so tired and went to GasOline to drink drink. Yen Ni eat dinner at 5pm and she sleep like 9pm everyday. Lol, don't know why so early one! ==" After that, we all take bus home. Haiz, bus pack like hell, so many people and half way I heard someone shout and run out of the bus, Teck Yaw told me maybe got snatch thief and the guy chase after him. Kelian the mangsa. Reach back Kajang at 8pm, then eat pizza for dinner. Wah, eat so much today. Fat Fat NaDou already. =/

P.S: For all my guy friend, "LaLa" style is not suitable when you're in college life.

Shy Sum Che

Xiao Zhen promoting for GasOline

Sum Che and cousin Rachel
Yen Ni ordering foods

The gals

Teck Yaw and gals

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

Watching this with girlfriend would be totally wonderful
They love story really move my heart
Tat boy is very lucky with those questions and that is a faith
4/5 star for Slumdog Millionaire

Monday, March 9, 2009


Who don't hate EXAM????
I did not study things yet and the stupid exam really stressing me out
I watched Fireproof which is about marriage and family value
Do watch this show cause its really help with family relationship