Saturday, January 30, 2010


The poster look good right ?
But the movie is a total let down
The storyline is rather stupid and they keep scolding f***
ya lots of f***

Gosh, i regret watching this movie and feel like leaving the cinema half way
It's just too boring for me :(
Wonder how the movie can appear for cinema
My rating would be 1/5 star
*i hate stupid show*

Can't wait for summer (May-June)
Lots of great movies coming out

Saturday, January 23, 2010

9/11 and Avatar

Our Ex PM Tun Dr Mahathir claims that the 9/11 attacks in the United States were staged at the General Conference for the Support of Al-Quds here.

“if they can make Avatar they can make anything.”

Lol, what is that got to do with Avatar? @.@
I wonder what will US nation respond toward this comment

P/S : Avatar is a 5 stars movie :D

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Paranormal Activity

Watch Paranormal Activity with Christine,Juan & Saha in Mid.V
It's something different compare to other horror movies
Stupid bro told me what happen spoil my movie already
I was disappointed that no one scream in the cinema except some closing their ears

The movie is rather short and fast
My rating is 3/5 stars
Actually this movie came out on 2007 in US
Biasalah, Malaysia always show movie very early one
Btw, this movie is download-able in any torrent site (:

P/S : I find the b.f (Micah) super stupid and arrogance

Wednesday, January 6, 2010


1 day work at IKEA Mutiara Damansara
Its a overnight job start from 8pm to 8am
Why Midnite?? Because we are smuggling illegal furniture in
Hahaha just jking xD
They needed some extra hand on the decorating the whole place
Chinese New Year theme
We had to clear and remove all Christmas trees and stuffs

I ditugaskan di Recovery section where all the damaged/unwanted thing come in.
Fun part is I get to break woods and metals and dump them in a lorry
My groups the indian guy keep bully a pakistanis coworker and called him "kambing"
He jack him kaokao and we all will laugh non stop

Kambing tengok apa, cepat buat kerja la.

Kambing nanti pukul 10 i hantar lu balik Pakistan.

Kambing boss cakap, cepat pergi la
(he'll go to boss and kena scold cepat buat kerja la)

"Kenapa kamu pakai selipar??"

"Selipar selesa dan senang jalan" xD

I thought the job was to hang stuff on the wall, who know i was carry huge heavy boxes
nuthead la me...
Lucky they just ask but didn't scold (:

Doing "illegal smuggling" for IKEA was fun and a great experience
My next job will be a promoter for random stuffs
Promote illegal stuffs?? Maybe :)

Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year

Hello to year 2010

Countdown with my family and sis-in laws
Can't resist aunty's delicious cooking and baking
Ate tons of chickens & cookies
Dont know sudah gain berapa Kgs
Matlamat gagal d :(

*pic in mom's cam,malas upload*

Peoples keep asking what your resolution??

Sorry, i don't have a resolution I just go with the flow

P/S : 2010 gonna be awesome !!

How I Met Your Mother

How I Met Your Mother

I love this drama even since it came out
Its romantic funny & awesome
Sometime when i have nothing to do at all and i'll just open any episode and re-watch (:
Ya, Im in Season 5 and still waiting to know who the mother is

Marshall & Lily the perfect couple

Ted the romantic one and finding the love of his life

Barney have fun with anyone he like :P

Robin the local news reporter

Barney: "Its gonna be Legendary"