Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where Got Ghost

Went T.S with Siew Jen,Yen Ni,Sum Che,Jerrick,Teck Yaw & Rajaie
Went by bus at 10am
Rapid KL price increase to RM2.50

Watched Where Got Ghost
Haha, totally enjoy that funny show
It's not a scary movie yet more to comedy type
Me & Rajaie is the only non Chinese in the theater ;p
4/5 stars for me

sugar free :p

Nid to save $ to get myself a Black Jacket
Somehow we all want to Sing-K but not much time since its late
Kill time in Madam Wong
Back Kajang at 9pm
Im so freaking tired

anti camera~

fair skin YenNi & Jerrick

P.S : Happy Bday dear Cyrus :)

Saturday, September 19, 2009

5/14days of Mimi in a month

Damn sad that Mimi will only stay wit me 2 week once
1 week at my house and another at in-law's place
Everyone get addicted to Mimi's cuteness
Yea, who can resist her cute cute face

My mom cried after she heard the news =(
I guess they too want to look after and play wit baby
So 1 week here and another week there for Mimi
Gonna miss Mimi badly

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

New Moon

Gosh, this trailer really great 
Making me wanna watch that movie now!
But its onli release on 20th Nov =(

Friday, September 11, 2009


Huray i done more than half of add maths paper
I didn't sleep during paper 1
*clap clap*
Darn I hate you LINEAR PROGRAMING & many others
take me so long to understand yet don't know to do
makan masa saya
Hoping for 2 digit marks when I get my paper back

P.S : i promise will do better for spm


Michael Learns To Rock

MLTR concert in Genting Arena of Star
I have 2 free tickets with me and wanted to bring someone who reali love MLTR but can't find one.Yu Hua ma, "most" listen only Chinese songs and surely don't know who is Michael Learns To Rock
About 5 hours before the show I just grab Andy to drive me up Genting :D

Its so freaking cold at Genting even when I'm wearing 2 layers of clothes and my fingers all turn pinky
Haiz, I never go Genting since I was a little kid and can't recognize anythings =X
and I'm going there to play for sure after SPM

Their songs are soooooo darn great
love them all

25 Minutes
Paint My Love
The Actor
Wild Woman

25 minutes