Friday, May 29, 2009

Fun Outing

Went to Time Square with Teck Yaw & Jerrick. First thing we do is went to cinema to check out movie ticket. We watched Terminator Salvation and the seat was great right in the middle.
The movie was nice, 3.8/5 from me.
Next movie is Transformer 2 !!

Walked around Time Square and go into all cloths shops. Kinda funny see school kid with uniform shopping, at least balik rumah shower first then come ma. Later we walk to Sg.Wang. When we reach there, got 1 machine tell you how your what are your shopping level, like 0-deadfish, 1-out of date, 2-old till 6-wicked. Jerrick try it out and the machine show him OUT OF DATE. Haha, so funny but it's true ;p
Later we force Jerrick to try on cloth and many of those "lala" style suit his thin body. We went to a music instrument shop and asked the auntie can try the guitar, she said can and Jerrick try it on. I'm amazed that he really good in playing rock song. He learn all by himself.


I waited 1 hour but 2 U40 bus come only!! The most malang is both bus also FULLED. Weather so hot and I nid rush back for Youth Awakening at 8.80pm in church. And I stuck in TS "busless" at 7pm. Gv up on bus and take train home. All like sardine in the train xD
Waste 1 hour & Rm5

Youth Awakening was fun and the topic was The Playboy and The Pope. Thank Anne, Rach and Lobo for coming. Looking forward for next month ^^

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Think Twice b4 Judging

Lately I regret one thing is getting too close to people
I guess some of them can't accept rejection whereas some don't know ask first. I find it's kinda stupid to judge someone before knowing them fully.It's just too funny to know what people think of oneself.

Haha, it's funny people think I'm good kid when they only know half of me.
The truth is I'm bad boy ;)
Sorry to disappoint but good boy hanya boleh pakai when study la.

Holiday's stuff :
Bro's Bday
Making sandwiches

Breakfast sale
Car wash
JB's visit
Melaka (maybe)

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Monsters vs Aliens

Went out with Alf and Daniel to Cheras Selatan, all movie ticket show out so we rush to Mid Valley to catch the 11 pm show
We watched Monsters vs Aliens and it's 3D
really cool cause first time watching a 3D movie, some part can feel the thing in front of you xp
The movie is funny, worth watching 4/5

Bob is really funny

What a Week !!

Exam is FINALLY overrrr!
Yerrr, it's only first week still got 4 more days
I just can't stop thinking of 2 weeks of holiday xD

Basically I sleep and dream lots during exam week, I don't really care much. So many kes happen during this exam, friends got busted, phone got rampas. Even I got caught but she just return my paper thx teacher ^^


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Angels & Demons

When everyone is studying for next week exam
I'll still have fun gaming and watching movie
After sunset mass, Andy and I went to Alamanda Putrajaya. We were late and luckily make it for 9pm show.We watched Angels & Demons. Eee, I hate sitting in side of the cinema cause I think it's for couples only. Next time need to do booking for better seating ^^
Not bad, 3/5 for me

Compare with Da Vinci Code, this movie is nothing critical.I still recall how media take a huge step toward Da Vinci Code and Christian are protesting its whereby some people do believe it. Whereas Angels & Demons I find nothing about it (not fun xD)
It's good to be curious about your faith which I like curiosity

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lazy Bump

Skip 2 days of school

I love to skip school cause I can wake up at anytime =)
Although free in the afternoon I did not study much
Stupid Matrix make mi think till tired
Skipping Wednesday's class was a BAD idea
I skipped cause I DotA till 2am when my exam is next week
Sleep at 3am sure can't wake up for school lo
I wake up at 11am and notice there is no electricity
Argghh, so HOT and I can only read books to kill time
When I want to hear music my phone no battery (zadao =p)

This week got Sivik paper on Thursday
Already make my 2 week study timetable
Hope I can follow the time and study (i can't de xD)
Won't it be good if my sleeping is replace to study
Eee, day day sleep and exam around the corner also no prepare =(

Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

hAppY MoTheR's DaY

Mother's Day
was great this year
All my brothers celebrate together
Mom decide to cook rather than going out for lunch
She cook my brothers all time favourite Chicken Curry
Cheese Choc Cake for mom. yummy xD

Thank you mummy
Love you very much
Hope you always happy and healthy

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Baby Mimi

eXaM ExAm ExaM
When am I going to start study -.-??

"No DotA 1 months" was CRAP
Sitting in front of computer all the time
Today only do 1 page of Matrices

Mimi is getting cuter each day

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Swine Flu

Swine Flu is headline for all newspapers
Winnie The Pooh is not a safe too

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Dinner at Manhattan Fish Market
Yummy Fish & Chip
Extra 1 fish for Fish & Chip's order xD

Watched X-Men Origins : Wolverine
Good show and 4.2/5 from me
Great seat on top with early booking xp
Watch this movie if you can

Friday, May 1, 2009


Huray, no class k sleep 99 xD
Football in the morning
Haiz, day day also hot weather

Pity the Donut in the picture
Today I ate 3 wahahaa =p