Friday, July 24, 2009

Gathering & Movie

Every last week of the month there will be youth gathering for all the zones
I call some of my frens and zone youths but only Marianne show up =x
Total 20++ peoples turn up with a few new faces
Started a bit late but all went well and smooth =)

After the gathering, Alf, Daniel, Alex and me went to Mid-Valley to catch a mid-night show
The only movie available is Taking Pelham 123 and so ngam 4 seat left and the 4 seats all are separate from us.
Haha, first time going movie and sitting totally far away =)
I would rate 3/5 for tis movie
Denzel Washington and John Travolta also old liao =/

Best Mimi

Did not sleep in class this few days *clap clap*
Class have been busy with class's photo and also shirt
Just that some lame gals don't know how to cooperate and make thing complicated.

Wanted to sleep in the afternoon but cutest baby mimi is laying and playing on my bed. After awhile she slept on my bed but I don't mind cause there never a "No" for mimi =)

Mimi the cutest xP

love tis pics sooooo much

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bon Odori

Went to Bon Odori with Kien Sun and Jet at Shah Alam
Reach there around 7.45pm and the place is pack with people. Yea, I mean lotssss of people
Also saw Cyrus there

So YUMMY there're lots of Japanese foods
I tried every food but don't know their name ;p

Sry Lun, if u let mi noe early I'll take u =p


Sorry for the delay as I have no time/idea on what to write and waiting for pictures
All I can describe my confirmation is fun, joy and super happy =)
At the same time I felt sad cause no confirmation mean no Sunday class and no Sunday class mean I can't meet my friends...

Let the pics do the talking den

tis is our "sry boss" style

P.S : Im lazy & all pics is in Facebook

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Sicky Mimi

These few days baby Mimi is sick
I'm so sad to see Mimi cried and she sleep lots after the medicine =/
So glad that Mimi is getting better today and make weird noise after medicine ;p

P.S : Confirmation posting on d way!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The Big Day

Nervous??? Nah, I not nervous at all
Today is Confession and rehearsal for Confirmation
I can't really recall my last confession but its nothing to be scare to go front and confess your evil sins to priest =)

After rehearsal is practicing song for tml but only small number of us stay back
I love the Confirmation's song, they're sooo beautiful
Is my writing that nice?
Someone suggest my name then the auntie come find me to write a Thank You card for Bishop
Haha, guess what I asked to the auntie


Auntie, can borrow a ruler ??

~ preparing for tml ~

My Future

Future?? Nah, my future is sleeping
Spend 2 hours in school walking around and looking at colleges tat bring promoted
I not sure if other skul do this but I think it's very useful to Form 5 students

My passionis IT and Computing but advices change my mind
Now must stick to plan for Business and Marketing
Most college giving full scholarship for foundation only if SPM 9As
whereas 1A less will be half scholarship only ;(
I guess nid to stop oioi during school lesson and start my revision already

At nite went for Zone Youth gathering at church
Reali sad that I'm coming in tis year and my bro and close frens are leaving
Nvm, I take over for my brother and do as good as him =)
Alf best in cheering up a quiet environment wit jokes and ridiculous opinions
Sry Alf but I'll do better than you since I got 98% in How Funny Are U wahaha

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Chicken A La Carte

Chicken A La Carte is a short film that was shown to mi during my Confirmation Camp
Tis short film is so touching and its sure teach us how we should appreciate life and everything we have now. We sure done thing before thinking twice.
Hope we can make a different after watching this video.

i cried ;)

Monday, July 6, 2009

Sleeping Period

After a long perhimpunan today, I eventually sleep for total 5 periods.
Ya, 5 periods in class !!
What a waste of time =p
Next time will skip schul and sleep at home HaHa =)

6 more day till Confirmation and I'm all prepare
Got my cloths all ready
And I love the songs that are going to be sing on Sunday
Choir had tried it out and its beautiful

My new Jokes Blogspot is done
Please support and Subscribe to it
Glad if you could help me click on ads on the side =)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Growing Mimi

It sure make my day each afternoon returning home to see the cutest Baby Mimi =)
It's so fun to play with her and see her sweet smile
Now Baby Mimi able to eat baby foods
So fast growing, soon she won't be a baby anymore =p

Thursday, July 2, 2009


Sweet !!
They said "maaf"
I not chosen for PLKN, so glad can spend 3 months working to earn $$
With $$ can spend spend =)
Sad that many of my frens kena
haiz 2 bad =p

Check yours now

PLKN SEMAK *ic num* to 15888

Have fun