Saturday, July 11, 2009

My Future

Future?? Nah, my future is sleeping
Spend 2 hours in school walking around and looking at colleges tat bring promoted
I not sure if other skul do this but I think it's very useful to Form 5 students

My passionis IT and Computing but advices change my mind
Now must stick to plan for Business and Marketing
Most college giving full scholarship for foundation only if SPM 9As
whereas 1A less will be half scholarship only ;(
I guess nid to stop oioi during school lesson and start my revision already

At nite went for Zone Youth gathering at church
Reali sad that I'm coming in tis year and my bro and close frens are leaving
Nvm, I take over for my brother and do as good as him =)
Alf best in cheering up a quiet environment wit jokes and ridiculous opinions
Sry Alf but I'll do better than you since I got 98% in How Funny Are U wahaha

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