Tuesday, June 30, 2009

12hours of Sleeping Beauty

After back from Jusco, I'm so effin tired and slept from 6.30pm to 7am wahaha!
Total of 12/30 hrs . . .

Yet I still able to sleeps for4 periods after recess till school end.
WeiWei I'm really a Sleeping Beauty !!

Hurayyyy, my first present from my classmate =)
It's yummy chocolate

Thx Serein =)

Transformers 2

Ponteng Monday's class to watch Transformers 2. Rajaie, Teck Yaw, Sum Che and mi together went to Jusco. Huray, monday afternoon so empty and got nice seat =).

Transformers 2 is sooooooooo nice !

I am really excited during the whole show, the movie was both good and funny. And the cinema is freaking cold =p. I would give 4.5/5 stars.

Go watch if you haven't watch it
U would regret if u don't
Now I can't wait for Transformers 3 !!

Steamboat =)

Rajaie & Sum Che

Stupid restaurant, forgot what the name but the service charge went up to Rm 10++ for crappy & noobish service.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday's Rape

It's not yet my Bday but the boy will never spare me. Haha, I would call this Rape Carnival cause so many boy got gangbang. Ah Zhu and F class are really crazy. Pity those who got raped before me for no reason =p

I can't run, last 2 period they come find me. PAIN!!!!!!! Crazy Tharuma jump on me and I fall 1 floor down. Note that it's changing period so all the students are out of class walking around and I'm 1 floor below my class. As I was laying down, the boys all hold both of mine leg and hand and right walk up to the top floor. Haha, at one point a teacher walk pass and laugh at us. Lucky later Mr.Tong aka disiplin teacher saw them and they stop. So I almost to get rape.

Confirmation Camp

Friday 4pm gather at church. English, Chinese & Tamil group together in 2 buses and around 90 peoples. The camp took place in I.J Convent, the place is good and the most of the boys in 1 big room with double-deck bed, Serric sleep on top of me, haha can kick him from btm =p. And we were given number to be in group, total 10 groups and I'm in group 5 with Marianne and Kevin and others. Damn la, I'm so speechless about other my groupmate for they're so bitch.

First night's theme was "Who Am I". Joseph Arul give great speeches and get us into talk with one another. We got a few question and keep on changing person to talk as the question change. Went back to our room at 11.30pm, 30 more mins to my Bday and all the boy are so eager to rape me.

Wake up time is 6am but piggy me got up at 6.50am and the water is so COLD. The first talk by Marcus was Teen Issue and some other talk about Gift of Holy Spirit. Sad that in the evening rain and they cancel our games time. Me and Serric just chat and kill time. Evening mass was in Bahasa and Father George conduct it. Thank for the Bday wish and the whole camp people sang bday song for me, thank Shaun. The night section was killing, so sad to see my friends tearing but it was really good. At midnite, we all sat in a bed and tell jokes and ghost story till 2am. Some of the boy never sleep.

Sunday and mine birthday have to pass on to Vidiana. Haiz so fast over but I glad to spend it at Confirmation Camp. Today each 2 group have to do a 5-6mins play on given topic. My group topic was "playing taunt in classroom & church". I so pissed of with those bitchy girls and they're really noob la. The camp was a great experience. There lots more of happening but
what happen in IJ Convent stay in IJ Convent.

Joseph and Joshua's story are stay with me FOR NOW! hahah

Thursday, June 25, 2009


I totally speechless, tomorrow going be get rogol by friends. Not the real rogol but they just carry you around and do stupid things. This is the stupid YuHua trend which I think the F class's boy started it. If it's your birthday, they'll come find you and "gangbang" you outside of class. They'll only stop if teacher come. This week I think 7 boys got "raped".Kinda scary if you are the victim =p.Hoping I overslept tomorrow and no nid go school =p

Confirmation Camp is tomolo and I won't be home for the whole weekend. NOOOOO, I can't watch Transformer 2 this weekend. The best part is that I don't have to go school to take my report card in the Saturday and to see my hopeless class teacher. Since I got hell of a result, my dad will not going to know about it too hahah=).Well, my confirmation is in 2 more weeks and need to prepare so much for it. So tiring =x

People are talking about checking whether they're chosen for PLKN which I personally think it's not accurate. But I really don't want to go for lame PLKN. 3 months can do lots of things like working and earning $$!! :D
If you want to know here is how to do it.

Type PLKN SEMAK *your ic number* to 15888

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Dad's Day

Happy Father's Day
Special event bring family together, glad all my bros under one roof.Mom decided to cook for dad his favourite crab curry.Yea my mom currying skill is the best =p Dessert was cake and wine. What a odd dessert after lunch and I'm drank 2 glass of wine drunk =)
All sons then give dad gift and guess what I get him?


F*** so silly and stupid of me, I lost my rm30 reload card.Damn now realli bo $$

p/s: sry no pics cause h.p don't know fly go where =)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Koala Bear

Do you know that koala bear stay awake in the night and sleep during daylight.I don't recall coming for any bear family but I sure is similar to them. I need to do DNA test to double check =p

Hurayyyy, Transformer 2 is coming out next week!! Wondering which day to ponteng to watch Transformer 2. Another must watch movie would be G.I Joe on the
th August.

Damn touching~
Almost tear after watching the MV

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Pain + Tired !!!
Ahhh, my body is in pain and I'm soooo tired. I want to sleep but I can't.Sob sob, the longest I can sleep is 3hours then eyes can't shut. I want oioi =X

P/S: Happy Bday to Vivian & Fabi

Monday, June 15, 2009

Skipped School

Hurrayy, ponteng school today because

I want to sleep longer

Saturday, June 13, 2009

17 Again

These few days can't really sleep well cause every 2-3am sure wake up and eye can't close anymore. Tired of turn left turn right when I can't fall asleep so I go watch National Geographic. lol That's the best program at 4am xD

Went Time Square with Khang Lun, Sum Che, Sum Yee and Cyrus. We watched 17 Again. The only word that gals describe Zac Efron is CUTE. I would give 3.8/5 star for 17Again

Love this scene when he teaches Stan a lesson, his bbal skil so yeng =)

Is he tat cute? I guess all gals would kill mi if I say no! =x

Transformer 2 faster plzzz :D

Friday, June 12, 2009

Movies Freak

Don't trust in trailer, totally not what I expect and I would give 2.5/5 star
Only love the their powers but the story line is bad and uninteresting.

Miss March

This was a funny movie about boy who went in coma and when he wake up his girlfriend become a Playboy. 3/5 stars

My Bloody Valentine
Ah, the killing is kinda scary, they eventually show the whole thing and full of bloods.
If you watch nicely can guess who the killer was xD

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


4 hours of slow bus ride + 1 hour KTM and
I'm finally home sweet home
Missed my bed and baby Mimi for sure
First thing I do after reach home is eat mummy's dinner
So darn hungry ;)

Half way in the train got 3 malay gals came in
they talk and laugh so loud like no-one in the train and
put their leg on the tiang.
Haiz, such failed people why don't they feel shame one.

At last, watched every single episode of Prison Break
Total of 24 epids for season 4 and now I got nothing to watch =x
Must start my downloading on movie ;)

Miss Car Wash

I really want to wash car with you guy but I can't get bus or train ticket back home on Sat ;(
Wanted to take mid-night train reach Kajang at 6am but all tickets were sold out.

After walking out of train station, Mond's phone ring and some frens said they in danger for some malay people wan take pisau come fight in City Square. Ngam Ngam the train station is next to CS we hurry up to 7th floor to find them. But we got there the malays all gone d. 3 friends kena hit by 20 malays. Ah, CB malays simply like find troubles and hit people in public.
Stupid thing is that the fight happen in front of second floor cinema and no one help them.

p/s : guys please be prepare to protect your gf cause trouble will find u

JB's Trip

1 week at Johor was totally fun. I went to visit my friend Mond & Qi. Everyday sleep at 5am and wake up around 3pm. They lagi pig than me, can sleep till 8pm and that one also need me to wake them up (i'm not the only sleepy head xD)

At mid-night at CC play games, do training and defend sponsorship. 1 day even play till 7am in the morning.
reali sot liao =X
Sing-K together with Ah Shou
Learn to play pool and it's not easy
Played ping-pong and since all frens are away so futsal can't play =(
Went Jusco to watch Night At The Museum 2, I'll rate it as 3/5 star

Ate tons of foods, the best was spicy Steamboat and also try some weird foods ;)
Really sad and feel stupid that I bring wrong phone charger, first night already low battery.
Can't take pictures and need save battery. WTH