Sunday, June 28, 2009

Friday's Rape

It's not yet my Bday but the boy will never spare me. Haha, I would call this Rape Carnival cause so many boy got gangbang. Ah Zhu and F class are really crazy. Pity those who got raped before me for no reason =p

I can't run, last 2 period they come find me. PAIN!!!!!!! Crazy Tharuma jump on me and I fall 1 floor down. Note that it's changing period so all the students are out of class walking around and I'm 1 floor below my class. As I was laying down, the boys all hold both of mine leg and hand and right walk up to the top floor. Haha, at one point a teacher walk pass and laugh at us. Lucky later Mr.Tong aka disiplin teacher saw them and they stop. So I almost to get rape.

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