Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Miss Car Wash

I really want to wash car with you guy but I can't get bus or train ticket back home on Sat ;(
Wanted to take mid-night train reach Kajang at 6am but all tickets were sold out.

After walking out of train station, Mond's phone ring and some frens said they in danger for some malay people wan take pisau come fight in City Square. Ngam Ngam the train station is next to CS we hurry up to 7th floor to find them. But we got there the malays all gone d. 3 friends kena hit by 20 malays. Ah, CB malays simply like find troubles and hit people in public.
Stupid thing is that the fight happen in front of second floor cinema and no one help them.

p/s : guys please be prepare to protect your gf cause trouble will find u

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