Thursday, June 25, 2009


I totally speechless, tomorrow going be get rogol by friends. Not the real rogol but they just carry you around and do stupid things. This is the stupid YuHua trend which I think the F class's boy started it. If it's your birthday, they'll come find you and "gangbang" you outside of class. They'll only stop if teacher come. This week I think 7 boys got "raped".Kinda scary if you are the victim =p.Hoping I overslept tomorrow and no nid go school =p

Confirmation Camp is tomolo and I won't be home for the whole weekend. NOOOOO, I can't watch Transformer 2 this weekend. The best part is that I don't have to go school to take my report card in the Saturday and to see my hopeless class teacher. Since I got hell of a result, my dad will not going to know about it too hahah=).Well, my confirmation is in 2 more weeks and need to prepare so much for it. So tiring =x

People are talking about checking whether they're chosen for PLKN which I personally think it's not accurate. But I really don't want to go for lame PLKN. 3 months can do lots of things like working and earning $$!! :D
If you want to know here is how to do it.

Type PLKN SEMAK *your ic number* to 15888

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