Tuesday, June 9, 2009

JB's Trip

1 week at Johor was totally fun. I went to visit my friend Mond & Qi. Everyday sleep at 5am and wake up around 3pm. They lagi pig than me, can sleep till 8pm and that one also need me to wake them up (i'm not the only sleepy head xD)

At mid-night at CC play games, do training and defend sponsorship. 1 day even play till 7am in the morning.
reali sot liao =X
Sing-K together with Ah Shou
Learn to play pool and it's not easy
Played ping-pong and since all frens are away so futsal can't play =(
Went Jusco to watch Night At The Museum 2, I'll rate it as 3/5 star

Ate tons of foods, the best was spicy Steamboat and also try some weird foods ;)
Really sad and feel stupid that I bring wrong phone charger, first night already low battery.
Can't take pictures and need save battery. WTH

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