Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Lazy Bump

Skip 2 days of school

I love to skip school cause I can wake up at anytime =)
Although free in the afternoon I did not study much
Stupid Matrix make mi think till tired
Skipping Wednesday's class was a BAD idea
I skipped cause I DotA till 2am when my exam is next week
Sleep at 3am sure can't wake up for school lo
I wake up at 11am and notice there is no electricity
Argghh, so HOT and I can only read books to kill time
When I want to hear music my phone no battery (zadao =p)

This week got Sivik paper on Thursday
Already make my 2 week study timetable
Hope I can follow the time and study (i can't de xD)
Won't it be good if my sleeping is replace to study
Eee, day day sleep and exam around the corner also no prepare =(

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