Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where Got Ghost

Went T.S with Siew Jen,Yen Ni,Sum Che,Jerrick,Teck Yaw & Rajaie
Went by bus at 10am
Rapid KL price increase to RM2.50

Watched Where Got Ghost
Haha, totally enjoy that funny show
It's not a scary movie yet more to comedy type
Me & Rajaie is the only non Chinese in the theater ;p
4/5 stars for me

sugar free :p

Nid to save $ to get myself a Black Jacket
Somehow we all want to Sing-K but not much time since its late
Kill time in Madam Wong
Back Kajang at 9pm
Im so freaking tired

anti camera~

fair skin YenNi & Jerrick

P.S : Happy Bday dear Cyrus :)

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