Wednesday, January 6, 2010


1 day work at IKEA Mutiara Damansara
Its a overnight job start from 8pm to 8am
Why Midnite?? Because we are smuggling illegal furniture in
Hahaha just jking xD
They needed some extra hand on the decorating the whole place
Chinese New Year theme
We had to clear and remove all Christmas trees and stuffs

I ditugaskan di Recovery section where all the damaged/unwanted thing come in.
Fun part is I get to break woods and metals and dump them in a lorry
My groups the indian guy keep bully a pakistanis coworker and called him "kambing"
He jack him kaokao and we all will laugh non stop

Kambing tengok apa, cepat buat kerja la.

Kambing nanti pukul 10 i hantar lu balik Pakistan.

Kambing boss cakap, cepat pergi la
(he'll go to boss and kena scold cepat buat kerja la)

"Kenapa kamu pakai selipar??"

"Selipar selesa dan senang jalan" xD

I thought the job was to hang stuff on the wall, who know i was carry huge heavy boxes
nuthead la me...
Lucky they just ask but didn't scold (:

Doing "illegal smuggling" for IKEA was fun and a great experience
My next job will be a promoter for random stuffs
Promote illegal stuffs?? Maybe :)

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