Saturday, March 21, 2009

17 March 2009

Tuesday is my outing to Time Square with my classmate Teck Yaw, Sum Che, Xiao Zhen, Yen Ni, Rachel and mi. Hehe, it's also my first time sitting rapid KL bus. Ya, I never sit bus before to KL cause always follow friends in car. Haiz, what wrong with wearing shirt? Guess most chinese teenagers now day like to wear "LaLa" style clothing, well I don't blame you for that but shirt and formal style is mine style. Morning we leave and reach TS around 1pm and we ate at Old Town. Eh, the Curry Chicken Rice not nice de. After that we went to jalan jalan a bit and wanted to watch movie but turn out nothing nice there. We went to play arcade a while. Lol, Xiao Zhen play the shooting game till so pro. SO hard to die and she play for so long. Tai Imba le Xiao Zhen.

After around evening, we went to Sungai Wang and walk a bit. We take some picture and later feel so tired and went to GasOline to drink drink. Yen Ni eat dinner at 5pm and she sleep like 9pm everyday. Lol, don't know why so early one! ==" After that, we all take bus home. Haiz, bus pack like hell, so many people and half way I heard someone shout and run out of the bus, Teck Yaw told me maybe got snatch thief and the guy chase after him. Kelian the mangsa. Reach back Kajang at 8pm, then eat pizza for dinner. Wah, eat so much today. Fat Fat NaDou already. =/

P.S: For all my guy friend, "LaLa" style is not suitable when you're in college life.

Shy Sum Che

Xiao Zhen promoting for GasOline

Sum Che and cousin Rachel
Yen Ni ordering foods

The gals

Teck Yaw and gals

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