Saturday, October 3, 2009

Visiting Orang Asal

They don't like peoples call them as "orang asli" so they are better refer as Orang Asal
Was expecting more youths to come but only 4 turn up
Alf called me in the morning saying he got drunk with Chun Han last nite and don't feel well 
Daniel, David(new guy), Tasha & me follow Uncle John to the place 
Its in Semenyih some where near the kidmat negara there 

We clean the place and the kid was kind to join us
Hmm, those little boys are really naughty and hyperactive 
Never take out your handset cause they will keep bugging you for it
Uncle John treat us cendol & rojak 
I'm going to nap now 
(freaking tired)

P/S : Happy 21st birthday Alf ;)

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