Saturday, October 3, 2009

Ma De

Totally piss off that some people just don' know how to grow up
Making a mountain out of a small thing

Picture this in your head
I'm sending out invitation card to you
I don't have your address so i pm you in facebook and ask you (FB famous ;p)
At the same time i ask you to come since you are a "close one" to my family
(can't go too details)
So i post the letter without your name but your family
Days later rumors saying i didn't invite u because don't have your name
At first i was shock tat "somehow" you feel u aren't invited!!
So i call u to apologize if u feel way and said u are welcome and bla bla bla
Then u told me that u can't make it cause no transport
Fine, i'm just the messenger

Then somehow just now my dad burst in my room and complaining why on earth i forgot your name and bla bla bla
Well i was watching G.I Joe so i don't really care much
(G.I Joe rock ;p)
Later i found out tat someone complain to my dad that your name was not on the card

I was kinda angry after knowing this
but after writing this and thinking it back i find it funny and how lame people can be

Listening to Korean's song to kill time
love you mom =)

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