Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Youth Camp

I spend my weekend in Genting via Youth Leadership Camp
Sry Tharuma i miss your Deepavali open house ya ;(
But i'll never regret attending this retreat
its just too darn good

If you ask me what i love most about this camp I would said i make lots of frens and the programs are all great (inner healing d best)
For me inner healing is when i let go all my hate&anger inside of me since long ago
Its not easy to let go but i did
The speaker are Eddy,Alvin,Tony
They're just wonderful peoples
I love Alvin's stories and his experiences of life (Alvin Teo ;p)

Too bad those who don't wan to come cause u miss out lot of fun
I glad i call Tasha cause she really make full use of it
Well done Tasha ;)
And my fren of the camp go to Aaron and Chris(mr.success)

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