Monday, October 5, 2009

Cousin Day Out

I can't recall when the last time i went out with dear Faby & Glory 
Well recall no more cause i just did today in Time Square consist of 
Faby, Glory, Vincent, Teck Yaw, me
We had our lunch in BBQ Plaza and the foods is quite good
Love the steaming style so fun ;)
Thx Vincent for the treat, get u back next time ya
Later went to Baskin Robbins to discuss the party plan wit Faby
All are planned and i'm super hoping that Saturday will be the best nite for Alf :p

Went to double check thing on Saturday
I think that Metro Inn's policy is stupid and lame
~You cannot use the speaker if you bring in a band but you can if u have a DJ~
They state that the band have no experience and would spoil the sound system whereas a DJ know how to handle, we all know DJ are good with those but what wrong with a band just using a microphone and the speaker to play their music ?? 

~They'll extra charge by doing a headcount on the people attended the party~
So they charge by counting people coming for the party?
So if 200 guests came and only 150 eat so the other 50 they are going to charge for just showing up ??

Conclusion : The policy is very stupid

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