Thursday, December 10, 2009

Happy Happy

Its been long since I last blog
To me SPM is over although there still B.C papers left
But my mom keep pushing me and asking me to at least get a C
And she will ask me don't be like my bro who failed his chinese
(sry alf i guess we're the d same, don't gv a shit bout chinese)
Failing chinese don't mean i hate it
i enjoy speaking just hate reading them
hahaha xD
I never regret going to a chinese skul and learning mandarin
that the best option my parent make for me ;)

Although im in my holiday mood rite now yet still had to wait SPM to officially over
Cant wait for outing, party and trip with my frens
My favourite Christmas is around the corner
Gonna celebrate Christmas here this year and putting up christmas tree
I love christmas tree and what under it (:
Gonna decorate the tree ltr

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