Saturday, December 26, 2009


This is a late post of 22th Dec
Have been busy for Christmas & hardly have the time to blog

Have to teman Teck Yaw since flied his aeroplane many times before =X
Went Time Square and Serein came along
I think the bus driver is 1st day on the job
Somehow he don't know where T.S is and drove pass and only stop so further ahead
The most funny thing is that I was pressing the Red Button like 100 times and he didn't know to stop
serious gone case

Avatar is 5/5 star movie
For me its the Movie of The Year
Everything is perfect and i love the storyline & graphic
Transformer is good but Avatar is better
Thumbs up for James Cameron
Gonna watch 1 more time in 3D

If you like clothing more into Korean style u can check out IamFamous
Its have various girl boy korean style cloths
Bought a black cotton jacket from them and i love it (:
The shop is in Sg.Wang

fake empty present

snowman :)

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