Saturday, April 4, 2009

Youth Skit

Wake up as early as 7.30am to exercise and then 9am get ready for my youth helping for the church. Thank Serric for joining me as I call other and all turn down with "going to school" or "not free". We cut 44 pots of palm leaf. So sharp luckily Vivian borrow gloves. Wah, we cut a bit then sweat like hell. All wet like just out from shower. Later that we help Uncle Michael to do the "Cave" for the church, basically we take wood and nail them together then decorate with paper. Kinda hard and we manage to nailed and do half of decorating by 1.20pm. After that went home makan and sleep. =D

Evening went for mass, Daniel ask us to help with warden to do the collecting but the guy told us we need to wear 100% "Formal", I was wear long sleeve shirt and jeans also cannot. Hehe, then I no need do o. We all also never do in the end and give the senior do. Omg, my brother play the best of that day. So nice they acted, I wish I can be part of it too. Alf, I would rate it 11/10 for what your guy done on the Altar.

I got Prison Break season 3. Can't wait to start watching

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