Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mimi's Baptism

HurayyyYy, today is Baby Mimi's Baptism...
Morning I help with cleaning the chair for the party
So sooo hot weather... stupid xp

In the afternoon my and bros went to town buy stuff
Later that go cut hair N buy some kuih.. =p

Sleep for 20mins then nid get ready for the mass
Today is Easter Walk around town and what a "Big" crowd is was..
Baby Mimi is the best, she never cry at all during the Baptism
And she so cute in the white dress

After tat went home to get the table set
Sunset mass with Andy
The party is full with people, the food I think is good cause I no eat..
Well, I only ate "BubuChacha"( tat wt they call)

Half way mi Alf and Andy cabut to watch movie
Sori Nick but I think he also don't mind xD
We watch a Thai horror movie called "Now Showing"

Ah, I never watch a horror movie in cinema b4
And that movie is really scary
Advice not to watch ALONE...

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