Saturday, August 1, 2009


PARTYYYYYY, who don't like party??
Well I love party and this party is for our after confirmation fellowship.It's was totally fun but sadly still some didn't come =x

Party was at Marianne's house and big thx to her parents. Party started at 6pm but piggy me been sleeping whole afternoon only reach there at 7pm =p
There lots of pizza and KFC's chicken there. We play few mini game but the best was cherade. Edwin curi curi dengar our team and Maddie simply helping opposite team pabo~
Haha, we all do stupid acts.

"I like big butt and I can not lie"

Pool party?? Haha, we all throw Andrew into the pool then push Serric in. When you push people in, they sure get you back. Sob, ya they all carry me and pops I'm in the water already. We play around in the pool for almost 2hours.

Yummy, we ate again and some were waiting to dance which no one dare to dance in the end. Ahh, Joshua don't whack me if you lose me in basketball la =p
Its was tired but its soooo worthy spending time playing with my frens, that party was totally fun and I wish there would be another one.

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