Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mimi's voice

Life as a youth is always fun and full of adventures, so we all should live our life to fullness and never regret it.
Didn't sleep in class for the whole week *clap clap*
Exam around the corner and I need to focus and start to work
Yet so many things to do for the next coming month besides study and I can't wait to get over it.

The best thing is baby Mimi is always there to play with =)
and she started making baby noises and she really like kicking and biting her toes
now she is sleeping on my bed and I think she just poop in her pampers

P.S : Mimi is my little cute niece & hapi bday to MeiYee


  1. woi ~ mimi so Q ler....
    AND y u keep capture mimi tat part ...
    kidding ~